Our Products

Standard Website

Price : R4 999 + R149pm

Webtimes Members : R999 + R149pm

Website enhancements and extras

Price : R550 per hour

Webtimes Members : R440 per hour

E-commerce Store

Price : R849 + R285pm

Webtimes Members : R749 + R285pm

Set up Social Media Platforms - Initial set up of the account. This does not include content creation.

One-by-one - Set up 1 platform

Webtimes Members - R200

Basic - Set up Facebook and Instagram accounts

Webtimes Members - R350

Big 4 - Set up Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Linked In accounts

Webtimes Members - R700

All inclusive - Set up as many platforms as you want: Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Linked In, Pinterest, SnapChat, Youtube, Tumblr, any other platforms may be requested but will be subject to WebTimes approval.

Webtimes Members - R1 200