Start selling online now with your very own e-commerce store. Customers will be able to view your products, add to their cart and pay from wherever they are.

E-commerce stores can cost from around R2500 to well over R20 000 to create but at Webtimes we support small businesses who don’t have a spare 20 grand. So we’ve put together this cost effective solution just for you!

And the best part is that we will set it all up for you.

We will:

  •  Register a new domain for the e-commerce store
  •  Upload user-friendly e-commerce software onto the domain
  •  Load up to 10 of your products onto your e-commerce store. After a short tutorial, you will be able to load more yourself, as well as make adjustments, price changes, specials and other functions to help your business grow.
  •  Design the store interface to be attractive and easy for your customers to use
  •  Set up a FREE PayPal payments gateway so your customers can pay from their PayPal account
    Excluded: Payment Gateway for PayFast or other payment methods. Other payment gateways facilitating card payments / cryptocurrency wallets etc. can be added as an extra.

1. Current Webtimes clients with an existing website
R749 for the design and set up of the store. Your current hosting fee will increase to R285 per month

2. New Webtimes clients without an existing website
R849 for the domain registration, design and set up of the store and R285 per month hosting fees


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