Can My Website pay for itself?

A resounding yes!! Yes you can get your website to pay for itself and the best part is it isn't even that hard...

5 people sign up to our service and you never have to worry about paying your hosting fee again

How does it work?

So for those of you who have already signed up for your own website, here is the good news... you ONLY need to refer 5 people and you will cover your basic package website. Your website will be paying for itself! That is just 5 messages saying, "Hey, I just got an awesome deal with my website you should go check it out." 5 people sign up and the commission received will have YOUR package covered from there on out. For every person that signs up you will be receiving 20% of their hosting fee each month.

This has massive potential. Let's say you not happy with just paying for your website, let's say you actually want to make some money this way, you can and we encourage it. One of our members is already earning over R500 monthly from all his referrals. He is now receiving that money each month for doing nothing. Passive income here you come!!

And for those of you who haven't signed up yet, why? This just proves that money cannot be an objection. You are getting an invaluable presence online and if you sign up and get 5 friends to sign up with you, you are home free, your website is paying for itself.

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